Portable wastewater systems designed specifically for tiny homes and cabins

  • WasteAway 85

    The 85 litre is our most popular model.The pump uses less power so is also suitable for most off-grid situations where solar power is used.

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  • WasteAway 270

    A larger 270 litre model that can be fully buried in the ground and designed for larger dwellings.

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  • WasteAway 85 Greywater Recycling

    Our 85 litre greywater only system is a great way to recycle your greywater so you can water plants, lawn or even trees.

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How it works

All waste from a tiny home or cabin (including toilet) is plumbed into the tank as you would with a normal septic system for a house.

Once the tank fills up, a float switch turns on and the sewage pump inside the tank pumps the waste out of the tank to your desired location.

The pump then switches off automatically until it fills up again.

  • Odour Free

    All tanks are completely sealed to prevent odour

  • Quality Workmanship

    New Zealand built and assembled by a qualified plumber — extremely well made and built to last

  • Fewer Blockages

    Our tanks have 100mm inlet — you don’t have to reduce down to a smaller size at tank connection and large 40mm outlet

  • Large Tank Capacity

    Larger tank capacity to dilute waste so the pump won’t switch on and off as often

  • Stainless Steel Pumps

    Premium quality Japanese-made stainless steel pumps backed by a 4-year warranty — with a bigger motor so large volumes of water can be pumped

  • Free Assistance

    Free assistance and advice is a phone call away

The WasteAway Overview