Common Questions

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Everything you need to know about WasteAway

Where does the waste pump to?

The waste should pump to an existing holding tank or septic system.

Do the systems require Council consent?

Some Council's do not require
consent if the waste is being pumped into an existing consented septic systemor holding tank.

However all Council's have different
requirements and we recommend to check with them first.

Do you have the tanks in stock?


We normally have the smaller tanks in stock.

Do the systems need maintenance?

The only maintenance required is giving the inside of the tanks a good clean with the garden hose every 3 months and making sure the base of the pump is clear.

Where do you source your pumps from?

Our premium quality pumps are sourced from Japan, backed by a 4-year warranty.

How much do the tanks weigh?

Approximately 25kg.

Can you bury the tanks?

The WasteAway 85 and WasteAway 110 tanks are not designed to be fully buried, although you may bury a quarter of it in the ground making sure you keep it clear around the drain valve and surrounding the tank with sand.

The WasteAway 270 is designed for in-ground installation.

Can I install the tank myself?

Thetank should be installed by a qualified plumber, although they are very simple to connect for anyone a little bit handy.

Do the tanks come fully assembled?


They come fully assembled, you only need to glue the top outlet pipe on with the glue provided and also screw the drain valve on hand-tight.

These are left off for transportation during freight.

How long does it take to get a WasteAway?

Normal turn around time is 7 days
from purchase if we don’t already have the tank in stock.

Do you have other models?


We have a larger 270l model that
can be fully buried in the ground and designed for larger dwellings.

We also have smaller pumps available for situations where you are wanting to preserve electricity (if you are on solar for instance).

Where are you located?


Why are the systems so expensive?

Silly question!

They are made by a legend.

How do I purchase one?

Send us an email

How can I find out more?

Give us a call 027 774 2435 or get in touch

Our office hours are 8.00am—4.30pm

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