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WasteAway 270l-750

WasteAway 270l-750

All systems are New Zealand made and assembled

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The WasteAway 270l wastewater tank is designed for in-ground installation and comes with a hard wearing 750w stainless steel pump. New Zealand made and built  to last.

We can also build the tanks with different pump options to suit your needs.

Please contact us for freight price.


Tank- 20 year Warranty Limited

Pump- 2 Year Limited

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Tank capacity 270 litre
Tank dimensions h790mm x d710mm
Pump 750w
Flow Rate 15,000 Litres/Hour
Pumps 80m horizontally or 6m vertically
Pump voltage 240v
Inlet (to the tank) 100mm
Inspection hatch 450mm
Tank outlet (from the pump) 40mm
Lead Length 10m


You must not flush excess grease and fat or sanitary products like baby wipes or tampons down the drain as it will block and potentially damage the pump voiding the warranty.

270l WasteAway System Installation

How to bury the tank

Our 270l tanks can be either partially or completely buried below ground. Your  270l WasteAway wastewater tank is manufactured to specifications that allow it to be completely buried with up to 150mm of material above the manhole cover. Please read the following instructions before installation.

  1. It is recommended that the septic tank be kept upright during transportation, to stop any of the pipework from moving.

  2. Dig a hole for the wastewater tank, large enough for the tank to be placed in the hole with room for access to the inlet/outlet pipe connections and a minimum of 150mm around the diameter of the tank for clean backfill material.

  3. Ensure that the base of the hole is level. Lay quarry dust or sand in the base of the hole 50-100mm thick.

  4. Attach the inlet and outlet piping to the tank pipe fitting and glue them into place.

  5. Backfill/bury tank with sand. Do not use rocks, stony material or heavy clay. 

    If the tank is to be buried more than 150mm, it is recommended to lay 50mm thick ground retention treated timbers over the tank supported by the ground each side of the tank before filling. This will ensure the tank dome is protected from excessive weight. Back fill with clean light material.

If in doubt please don't hesitate to contact Ross on 0277742435.

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  • The Tank

    • Super tough 270 litre premium tank made from UV stabilised polymer
    • Exceptionally strong one piece moulding (no welds)
    • Large 450mm airtight hatch
    • 40mm outlet
    • 100mm inlet
  • The Pump

    • Double-faced mechanical seal and oil seal to make waterproof protection
    • SUS-304 stainless steel for motor housing, motor shaft and screws
    • Double edge Tungsten cutter
    • High abrasive-resistance impeller
    • Heat-treated bottom grind plate for cutting sewage
    • Double mechanical seals with oil chamber and lip seal for added protection
    • Non clogging Cutter/Macerator impeller design
    • Solid Cast Iron pump body and impeller for durability
    • Pecial high flow design can achieve the maximum efficiency processing sewage
    • Cast iron vane wheel with tungsten alloy cutting blades

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